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Your vehicle's engine produces a tremendous amount of heat. If left unchecked, this heat can cause serious damage to the engine, and even destroy the vehicle. Your heat pump resolves this issue by circulating coolant through the cylinder head, radiator, and engine to balance the temperature.


If your engine is overheating, your water heater may be failing. Bring your Toyota to us for service from our factory trained technicians and pay just half the cost when compared to a dealership.

Keep your vehicle cool

Ensure your vehicle is protected

The dealership or factory isn't your only source for high quality, reliable repairs and maintenance for your Toyota. Our ASE-certified team has more than 20 years of combined experience caring specifically for Toyotas, meaning we can give you the same exceptional quality services, but at half the price.


Look to us for reliable water pump services including repairs and replacements to keep your Toyota engine cool and protected.

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Protect your vehicle with a reliable water pump

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